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        The spirit of enterprise
        Integrity, rigorous, hard work and innovation.
        Honesty: be honest with all passengers, do credit guarantee. Honesty is the company's code of ethics.
        Strict: strict and meticulous, careful science. Is the company's meticulous style of doing things.
        Hard work: actually do something. Pragmatic work hard is the company initiated quality.
        Innovation: the development of new products and create new value. Innovation is the driving force of development.
        Dedication, devotion to the cause of professionalism,
        Brave, bold exploration and pioneering spirit,
        Rigorous and realistic, the better the scientific spirit,
        Solidarity, unity collaborative spirit,
        Perseverance, indomitable fighting spirit,
        Grew in courage, courage and entrepreneurial spirit.

        Core Values
        Work together, create value.
        Work together: business thing is a group activity, we need to do together. We wish all the friends together, gather Fuyuan on this platform to carry out scientific research, production and business activities, we do things together, their careers together.
        Genesis Value: Enterprise is a multi-stakeholder community, we need to work together, help each other and work together to create a variety of value, the asset value companies, to increase social wealth, professional values to reflect the value of life has been improved.

        Work style
        The company's something to do as a career.
        The most serious environmental stresses poly Fuyuan.
        Serious work, strive for perfection.
        Hard work, meticulous precision.
        Seriously do every thing.
        Pondering things to clear, you have to realize the truth.
        Mission is to command, to be responsible in the end, until completion.
        Encounter problems, a catch in the end.
        Not passing the buck, do not complain, face reality, solve problems, one a letter.
        Focus on the process of doing things.
        Endure extraordinary.
        Learn to do things in. Increase in work in.

        Employee Relations
        Work by everyone, by the development team.
        Problem occurs, first check yourself.
        Respect yourself, respect for colleagues.
        A person in trouble, we help.
        Advocate simple, harmonious working atmosphere.


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